How It Works

How does it work?
We’ll talk on the phone for an hour and you’ll tell me what’s going on. Then I’ll ask you a zillion questions. Then we’ll talk about how I can help! Sometimes I work with people for long stretches and support them through the process of a whole book. Sometimes I’ll help people for shorter bursts, like when they are trying to meet a deadline or wrap their head around a big edit. Sometimes I can also be pretty helpful with just a few calls.

What will we talk about?
Calls tend to be a mishmash of strategizing, brainstorming, editing, work planning, and pep talking. Everybody needs something different. I especially love helping people think big about arcs and themes, but I’m also a nerd for the details and will happily spend all day talking about sentence structure and tone. I’m really more of a doula than a coach—I help people bring their writing into the world. But if you don’t go in for that kind of woo woo, don’t worry, we never have to mention it again.

How much does it cost?
My fee is $90 an hour and meetings are usually an hour long. That also includes up to 15 pages (double-spaced) of reading. If you need me to read more than that, my reading fee is $30 an hour. I also offer a sliding scale.